Create Interactive Chrome Extensions

The Chrome extension is a forgotten middle child on the Internet. Day after day, they did a lot of work behind the scenes, identifying offers, blocking ads, customizing styles, and more. Still, most people fail to provide users with direct interactions with their most popular networks and mobile siblings. As a result, many extensions still exist - like Milford College students - neither see nor hear.

Part of the reason for the proliferation of Chrome extensions is that they are usually made up entirely of JavaScript and HTML / CSS. Although this minimalist approach can help reduce browser overhead, this usually occurs at the expense of a compelling user experience.

Developer Tools for Chrome

React Developer Tools is an extension of Google Chrome developed by the Facebook team. It allows you to check the hierarchy of the React component directly in the browser, including the props and state ones. The extension adds a new tag called "React" to Chrome DevTools, and you can see how changes affect other components to help you build the correct structure.

Optimize Performance

Internally, React uses a number of smart techniques to minimize the amount of expensive DOM operations required to upgrade the user interface. For many applications, using React will result in a quick user interface without too much work to optimize performance. However, there are several ways to speed up your app.

Best Tools for React Development

React has a large ecosystem that is created primarily by third-party developers, including various utilities, IDEs, libraries, code editors and web browser extensions, templates, and more. Here are the best resources for beginners and experienced React developers.

React Studio

If you are a designer who wants to create a React app without any coding knowledge, React Studio is a great tool. It is a visual design tool that allows you to create components and application flows based on your design. React Studio also has built-in drawing tools, a mobile viewer, and even imports Sketch files.

Facebook Create React App

Creating an app takes some time to set up the environment for a new React project with all the requirements. To help developers, Facebook launched its application on Github. It is a unique command-line tool that you can use to quickly launch and run new React applications. It provides a front-end development pipeline, configures the developer environment, and optimizes your application for production. It works for zero configuration and you can use it with any back-end language.


Storybook is the UI development environment for React components, produced by companies like Squarespace, Coursera, and Lonely Planet. It allows you to develop and test React components interactively, as well as create your own component libraries. With Storybook, you can view the different states of each component and isolate the development of your application to improve reusability.