Case Studies

We adore working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and here you can find the outcomes of such collaboration. We would like to present you our recent development cases based on the forward-looking ideas of our clients and how they were realized.


Pizza Time

In collaboration with a well-known pizza chain in the USA, we have developed a mobile application for users of both iOS and Android platforms. The app purpose was to increase brand recognition and make our client’s services more accessible improving the user experience. We created app design based on the existing brand visual identity which can be discernible with the company logo and existing website. The app content includes illustrated menu with the detailed description of ingredients, weight, and price. Users can find the pizza they like and order it via the app, one more feature of the app is an ability to compose their own pizza selecting the required ingredients.


Schedule Alert

Airline companies have to deal with hundreds of flight every day managing the staff and flight crews. There are numerous off-the-shelf solutions that assist in organization matters one of our clients also uses such web system. But as it lacks some functionality, our customer approached us to build it a compliment solution for mobile devices. Its aim is to notify flight crew about any schedule changes so that they were always aware of the correct flight time. The app is connected to the airline’s web system that schedules the flight and sends push notifications to the crew members if there occur any flight delays.



Mental health is as essential as physical, this is the idea our client approached us with. An appreneur wanted to create a mobile application that would help people to find their internal peace with a yoga and meditations. The application reveals the secrets of successful meditation practices like a personal coach. It provides users with a set of meditation techniques, and if the user is getting interested in something else, it also gives the opportunity to purchase others within the application. Each technique includes video instruction and breathing audio file. We ensured video- and audio-streaming functionality, so that app content didn’t occupy any app space.



We love working with forward-looking entrepreneurs who see opportunities in the things that others consider as problems. Digital revolution has seriously affected the publishing industry, and our client decided to face these changes with an optimistic approach. He asked our development team to create a mobile solution for tablets and smartphones that could bring a new lease of life in the publishing of daily and weekly papers and magazines. That implies in-app purchases that make publisher’s content available for the users and as an alternative user can subscribe to a particular magazine or paper. We made the search for the required paper intuitive with the integration of categories and search line.


Room Metrics

Among our clients, you can also find Australian heating and conditioning equipment provider, who came to us to create an in-field tool for the engineers who take all the room measurements for the determination of the required equipment per a particular room. Our team has built a smart custom calculating application that lets in-field engineers enter the metrics and according to the integrated algorithm it display the number of necessary equipment. Such solution streamlines the work of engineering specialists accelerating their communication with the main office. With the help of the web-based application adjusted for the mobile screens, the installation process starts much faster.


Healthy Tracker

We have experience in work with the healthcare industry, and one of our projects was dedicated to the development of a mobile application for people with diabetes. The program was designed to help people determine their diabetes type, keep up with the proper nutrition, and be reminded about pill taking. We also integrated the functionality which helps to check and track blood sugar level with an ability to view the data historically. A recommendation section provides people with individual nutrition recommendation which are based on the blood sugar level and diabetes type.

If you feel that it is time to bring to life your app concept too, then just let us know. We will help you to leverage the information technologies making them work for you and your company. Let’s convert ideas into working business tools.